Thank you for the opportunity of teaching your child!  My goal is to produce students who are fluent communicators in music, an extremely beautiful and unique language.  Toward this end, I use piano method books, music of master composers, and popular music.  A strong emphasis is placed on technique, theory, and ear training.  Students learn to read notes, lead sheets, chord charts, and how to improvise.  Group lessons, recitals, and judged events provide students with opportunities to communicate with others what they are learning.


August 28 Lessons Begin

September 23 Group Lessons

October 9-13 Fall Break

October 28 – Halloween Group Lesson Parties

November 20-21 Group Lessons

November 22-24 Thanksgiving Break

December 3 Christmas Recital

December 18-Jan 3 Christmas Break

February 4 Dynamic Duos Recital

March 12-16 Spring Break

March/April?? Germantown Piano Festival/Honors Recital

March 4 Great Composer Recital

May 6 Pop Recital

May 23 Last Day of Regular Lessons

May 19 Group Lessons

May 27-June 2 National Piano Playing Auditions

June 4 Summer Lessons Begin

Regular lessons will be taught on ALL other school holidays.  Be sure to call, text, or e-mail me if your child will not be at their lesson on one those days.


Just for Fun

ï participation in at least one recital per year

ï participation in one judged event recommended yearly

ï students study a mix of musical styles, primarily popular and some classical music

ï some theory and technique

ï 20-30 minutes daily practice recommended

Whole Musicianship

ï participation in all recitals recommended

ï participation in all judged events recommended

ï students study a mix of musical styles, with more emphasis on classical music

ï extensive theory and technique

ï 30-60 minutes daily practice recommended

Private Lessons

Students should arrive promptly for lessons.  Please do not knock or ring the doorbell.  Instead, enter (and exit) quietly through my front door and have a seat in my family room until you are called for your lesson.  Please make sure to bring all of your books and flashcards with you each week to your lesson.  A student’s sibling is welcome to wait at my home for their lesson provided they are quiet.  They may also snack at my kitchen table.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are an exciting enhancement to traditional private lessons.  In addition to providing a performance opportunity for each student, composer’s lives are studied, and theory games are played to strengthen concepts learned throughout the year.  The group lesson sometimes replaces the student’s private lesson for that week.  There are three group lessons this year, two in the fall and one in the spring.  Students love group lessons!


Daily practice is the only means for developing technique and facility at the keyboard.  I am much more interested in the quality of practice over the quantity; however, students should keep a record of daily practice times so they can receive points for their practice.  Students are required to own and use a metronome each week as they practice.

The following is a suggestion for practice times, but keep in mind it is more important to complete the entire assignment, no matter how little or how much time that takes.

Primers:  15 minutes/5 days a week

Levels 1 – 2A:  20-30 minutes/5 days a week

Levels 2B – 3B:  30-45 minutes/5 days a week

Levels 4 – up:  45-60 minutes/5 days a week


Tuition includes private lessons, group lessons, and recitals.  Tuition is charged by the year, but may be divided into 12 monthly payments, due by the 10th of each month.  A $15 late fee will be charged per month for payments paid after the 10th of the month.

45-minute lessons:  $1620 ($135 per month)

Includes 40 lessons offered:  33 private lessons August-May, 3 group lessons, and 4 private summer lessons. *Extra summer lessons are available payable per lesson.

60-minute lessons:  $2160 ($180 per month)

Includes 40 lessons offered:  33 private lessons August-May, 3 group lessons, and 4 private summer lessons.  Recommended for advanced students.  *Extra summer lessons are available payable per lesson.

Book fees:  I will buy the books and materials needed for your student and add them to your monthly statement.

Multiple child discount:  Families with multiple children in lessons receive a 5% discount.

Paid-in-full discount:  Families who pay the entire yearly tuition in advance receive a 5% discount.

Fall registration fee:  A $50 PER student deposit is due by June 1, 2018 to reserve your child’s spot in my studio for the next school year.  This fee will be deducted from your first tuition payment.

New student enrollment fee:  $25 per student.  This fee is non-refundable.

Methods of payment accepted:  Cash, Check, PayPal (subject to fee if credit card used), & Venmo.

Missed Lessons

Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  Tuition covers far more than the time with your child, so you do not need to worry that missing a lesson means wasting money.  See the “Where Does My Tuition Go?” pdf on my website.  If I miss a lesson due to travel or illness, I will add lessons at the end of the school year or refund the lesson at my discretion.  I usually have a flex week built into my yearly schedule.

Missed Lesson Options

Lesson Swaps:  Families may trade their lesson time with another student to help avoid absences.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make the swap and to inform me of the change.

FaceTime lessons:  I am available during the regularly scheduled lesson time to do a FaceTime lesson.  This is really helpful for snow days or if the student is mildly ill.

Video lessons:  The student may video their pieces and e-mail them to me in advance of their lesson time.  I will spend their lesson time listening and giving instructions via e-mail.

Recitals/Other Opportunities

There are three recitals being offered this year, including a Christmas recital, a composer recital, and a pop recital featuring band accompaniment.  All recitals are held in the sanctuary of Grace Evangelical Church on Wolf River Blvd. near Houston Levee. I also participate in the Germantown Piano Festival, GMMTA auditions, and the National Piano Playing (Guild) Auditions, which are judged events.

Website/Facebook Privacy

At times, I will post schedules, make announcements and write articles using student’s first names only on my website and Facebook Studio Page.  Pictures and videos may also be posted with first names only.

Termination of Lessons

Parents will be notified if I feel I may need to dismiss a student.  Possible reasons include uncooperative attitude, failure to practice as instructed, lack of progress, persistent absences, or failure to pay tuition on time.  I will make every effort to work out a solution.  If there is no improvement, lessons will be terminated at the end of the current semester.  There will be no tuition refunds if the student fails to complete a semester.


Parents are encouraged to contact me whenever there is a problem or question, text and e-mail preferred.  I am looking forward to this year and the time I will be spending with your child!