April 1, 2017

Germantown Piano Festival


Twenty-four of my students participated in the Germantown Piano Festival in March.  I encourage all of my students to play in the festival, because it’s good for fresh, musical ears to hear them and to encourage them on what they’re doing well, as well as give advice on ways they can improve their playing.  I always learn something new from what the judges have to say!

Each student plays two pieces plus the matching scales and receives a report card with comments and a certificate.

Students who participate all four years of high school can compete for a $1000 scholarship.  I had two such seniors this year; both have taken piano with me since 2nd grade.  They competed against two other seniors.  In the end, the judges awarded the scholarship to my student, Brice.  I am so proud of both of these seniors and all that they’ve accomplished!

Some of my students volunteered as runners, guiding participants to their judges’ rooms.  The festival could not run as smoothly without them!