September 25, 2015

Abbreviation, abbrv., abbr., a…..???

IMG_1077 (1)Have you ever looked at your student’s assignment notebook and wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD all those letters mean??!  I sympathize.  The truth is, I’m lazy.  I just don’t like writing out all those words over and over each day, so I abbreviate constantly.  Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to write a post giving you a key to my frequently used abbreviations.  You’re welcome!

SH:  separate hands

HT:  hands together

5FS:  5-finger scale

CHA:  cross-hand arpeggio

W:  whole step

H:  half step

TT:  Technic Tales book

Sc:  Scale

Cad:  Cadence

M/m:  Major/minor, used frequently with 5FS, CHA, Sc/Cad

COL:  count out loud

B:  Baroque piece

C: Classical piece

R:  Romantic piece

20:  20th century piece

x:  times

m:  measure

Memo:  memorized

MR:  Magic Reader.  A student never practices this book at home.

MK:  Multi-Key.  Another book never practiced at home.

b→f/f→b:  back to front/front to back.  This is used when we memorize our pieces’ sections backwards and forwards.

OM:  one minute

w/:  with

Arp:  arpeggios

Inv:  inversions

R:  Russian