August 28 Lessons Begin

September 23 Group Lessons

October 9-13 Fall Break

October 28 – Halloween Group Lesson Parties

November 20-21 Group Lessons

November 22-24 Thanksgiving Break

December 3 Christmas Recital

December 18-Jan 3 Christmas Break

February 5/7  Kiddy Keys Winter Session Begins

February 11 Dynamic Duos Recital

March 12-16 Spring Break

April 14-15 Germantown Piano Festival/Honors Recital

March 4 Great Composer Recital

May 6 Pop Recital

May 23 Last Day of Regular Lessons

May 19 Group Lessons

May 27-June 2 National Piano Playing Auditions

June 4 Summer Lessons Begin

Regular lessons will be taught on ALL other school holidays.  Be sure to call, text, or e-mail me if your child will not be at their lesson on one those days.